22 September 2017Matt Hilton

I've worked across a number of industries and helped teams of varying sizes improve their software delivery approaches. Some of the experiences and achievements I'm really proud of include:


Services Industry

As the Readify team lead on this engagement, I led the following improvements:

  • Transitioned to zero-downtime deployment using staging slots & feature flags, eliminating out-of-hours deployments
    • Reduced cost of deployment (time off in lieu, meals and taxi expenses no longer required)
    • Eliminated customer impact during deployment
    • Improved team morale and sense of autonomy
  • Moved from doing once-per-month deployments, to multiple per day
    • Reduced deployment risk by deploying smaller change more frequently
    • Increased test-team's engagement and sense of ownership & control
  • Built infrastructure automation enabling new environments to be provisioned from scratch in under an hour
Client feedback:

Talk about leaving the place in much better shape than when you found it!!! Mate, you have done an exceptional job here, thankyou for doing what you do. It's been an absolute pleasure and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

-- Chief Information Officer

It was wonderful having you in the team. You really added value while you were here and left the team's processes and the project in better shape.

-- Test Automation Lead

Travel Industry

As the Readify team lead on this engagement, I led the following improvements:

  • Introduced automated deployment & configuration management
  • Killed off manual deployment
  • Introduced automated testing and coached team on writing effective tests and the cost/confidence trade-off



JuniorDev Refactor: Build & Deploy

  • Built a full-day workshop on Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment
  • Delivered workshop to 20+ attendees
  • Focused at Junior Developer level: teaching devs to build, debug and maintain a CI pipeline from scratch
  • Delivered under the JuniorDev brand, in partnership with organisers Luke Mesiti and LJ Kenward
Attendee feedback:

There were huge gaps in my knowledge having only done development for less than 2 years. Most of the gap has been filled by attending the workshop. I think I have a pretty solid basic understand of how it all works. The most exciting thing for me was getting the app up and running through auto deployment. That was a huge hallelujah moment for me!

Just having the knowledge and being able to contribute to discussions at work has already helped my confidence by a mile.

-- Jenny Tran (@jenEtran)

The demos were very good, Matt was a king. I thoroughly enjoyed this session, and am looking forward to the next!

-- Scott Macdonald (@scotchjdm)

Please tell Matt that this workshop is awesome. Hope that other workshops could be extended to 2 days!

-- Attendee


Talks & Presentations

  • Jobs in the Software Industry (Cromer College, Northern Beaches High School - Narrabeen, NSW)
    • Overview of the IT industry, career paths and what being a software developer is like, presented to students from years 7 to 11 at Cromer College.
  • Hero Mode: how not to get things done (Readify internal - Sydney, NSW)
    • A summary of learnings about collaboration and trusting your team, presented to the Readify NSW team as part of a quarterly state get-together
  • API-first development (Telstra API summit - Melbourne, Victoria)
    • Co-presented with Yaser Mehraban (@yashints), covering the benefits of taking an API-first approach to building systems, and demonstrating benefits this can bring.
  • Teaching Kids to Code (Readify internal - Noosa, Queensland)
    • Co-presented with Mouna Neelakanta (@mouna1619), covering our experiences volunteering with organisations to teach school-aged kids to code


Mentoring & Coaching

I've been a mentor and career coach to many people, both formally and informally. Much of this has focused on enabling colleagues to progress to the next level in their career journey, helping them identify gaps and iteratively work on filling those gaps to achieve their goals.

Career mentee feedback:

Matt has been tremendously helpful in supporting me externally while I have undertaken my first team lead role. Matt has been always been available and reliably communicates in helping me address these issues. Whether it's talking, email or SMS, he is always upbeat while providing constructive advice, which is truly appreciated.

-- Andrew Bowen (@Andrew_beebs)

Team member feedback:

This is the first time I am working as a consultant, and I really believe that it wouldn't have been easier for a first timer like me without you in the team. I have learnt so much about consulting from you and still learning. I always admire how you can motivate and direct us to work with different responsibilities to improve ourselves. That shows you are not only a good leader of the team, you also want us to become more mature as a leader. I am proud to have started my new career journey with you.

-- Zp Bappi (@zpbappi)