Automating WebApp-to-VNet Point2Site connections in Azure

25 March 2018Matt Hilton

It's lovely when you log in to the Azure portal, click a button and things magically happen. It's lovelier when you can do the exact same things with an ARM template. It's not so lovely when you stumble across a configuration that isn't actually a single resource, but a collection... continue reading

Fear of failure

22 September 2017Matt Hilton

I've spoken before about struggles with procrastination, and how striving for perfection often leads to paralysis and inaction. This struggle was all the more pronounced during my stint in tech recruiting - what I didn't realise before I started: recruiting is in some ways very much like sales. The thought... continue reading

// Source control antipatterns

06 September 2017Matt Hilton

Source control is one of those things that's taken for granted in a lot of software teams these days. For many devs now, it's always been there and is just part of the fabric of how development is done. But this wasn't always the case. Many who've been around the... continue reading

The real purpose of a software developer

06 September 2017Matt Hilton

As a developer, how do you see yourself? What is your role in your team, in your organisation? Are you a specialist and a partner, or a code-producer and outsource-able commodity? Many organisations treat software development as a commodity. These are the ones that have been failing at waterfall projects... continue reading