Moving on from Readify

24 July 2017Matt Hilton

This week is my last week with Readify. A couple of months ago, I made the difficult decision to move on. It was difficult because the last 5-and-a-bit years with Readify have been a defining stage of my life, for many reasons. The experiences I've had, the people I've formed incredibly strong relationships with, and the customers we've helped - they've all been big contributors to why Readify is an addictive place to work.

5 years is a long time in tech, and I'm pleased that I can look back on that time and say that I made the most of it. In that time, Readify has grown up and shifted from startup to big company. In that time, I've grown up and shifted from tentative imposter-syndromey developer, to someone confident to lead projects, people and technical change.

I worked across many industries and clients, including banking, energy, mining, not-for-profit, travel, services, finance and engineering. I worked within teams inside organisations of tens of thousands of people; I worked with a 3-person startup to help get their SaaS offering finally into production and profitable. I've been a team member, a team leader, a strategic adviser, a product owner, a teacher, a pre-sales consultant, a mentor, a booth-babe, a recruiter, a career coach, an event planner, a tester, a buddy, a communications adviser, a technical security analyst, an architect, a Scrum master, and a rubber duck.

My growth during this time was in large part due to the career progression support and opportunities at Readify, which are second to none in Australia. Over 20 days of paid professional development time each year is almost unheard of. A well-defined career progression pathway combined with personal Retros make gathering feedback and reflecting on your performance easy and comfortable. An open, flexible feedback culture means you can get valuable insights from anyone in the company, from Principal Consultants to Grad Developers. I was lucky to be a part of developing this approach and embedding it in the organisation, and have witnessed both growth in myself, and growth in other Readifarians as a result.

I can unequivocally say, my life would not be the same without my time at Readify, and I wouldn't be the same person.

Readify continues to be an incredible place to learn, grow, be part of a community of like-minded people, and experience extremely accelerated career progression versus working in a non-consulting developer role. The exposure you get to different ideas, different ways of messing things up, different ways to solve problems, and different ways to lead and inspire are one of the core value propositions of Readify as an employer.

The future for Readify and Readifarians looks very exciting. The opportunities coming out of continued growth and maturity of the organisation, and being part of the Telstra family, will continue to make Readify an extremely interesting, innovative and compelling place to work.

Given all that, why would I choose to move on?

I've given my absolute best in my time at Readify. I progressed through the consulting roles and recently got the chance to push myself by taking ownership of Technical Recruiting. I'm quite proud of what I've been able to do in that space.

Readify has changed since I started, and I've changed with it. I've spoken before about how important I feel it is to make space for new opportunities. After 5 years, countless amazing opportunities, and a number of different roles, I feel like I've come to the natural conclusion of my time here. It was a gut-wrenching decision which took many months of deliberation, because as I hope I've conveyed above, Readify has been much more than just a place to work: it's been a defining part of my life. I'm confident though that this is the right decision for me, because I know it will create space for whatever the next chapter of my life holds.

There's nothing lined up next, just a period of relaxation and reflection, so that I'm primed to pour my full heart into whatever I decide to chase next.

I continue to recommend Readify as an awesome place to work, especially for people who are passionate, self-driven, and interested in more than just writing code - because in the end, ability to communicate, solve problems, and provide leadership are all equally important to being a great consultant as technical skills are.

Change is indeed the only constant, and we must embrace it along with the challenges and opportunity it brings. Thanks to my Readify family members past and present, who have made it such an incredible ride. All the best as you continue to grow, learn and change.