Technical Recruitment at Readify

10 October 2016Matt Hilton

I've been involved in our technical recruiting at Readify basically since I joined 4.5 years ago. It started with (manual) code reviews, then moved into tech interviewing, along the way helping improve and create internal systems that support these activities. We're always hiring, so there's always work to be done in this space.

Our Tech

Our current recruiting processes and systems for technical staff are a far-cry from what they were when I joined. Gone are the days of manually code reviewing every single application we receive (via a Careers inbox and a clunky SharePoint list). The new world is straight-through automation wherever we can manage it, which at this stage means:

  • Automated technical screening via our code puzzles, namely KnockKnock. (Kudos to @uglybugger for building this a few years back.)
  • Candidate management and tracking via the (internal-only) bits of
  • Self-service technical interview booking for candidates, which hooks into interviewers calendars via the Microsoft Graph API
  • Basic pipeline metrics on PowerBI to understand when and where new hires are likely to become available


We've come a long way. But there's still so far to go. Some of our current hiring challenges include:

  • Limited ability to track candidates from initial contact through to end result
  • Limited ability to analyse trends in process timings/effectiveness
  • Limited differentiation of candidate quality due to a single qualification gate
  • Huge time investment in technical interviews with an extremely low pass rate
  • Overall huge investment in the hiring process with limited ability to run experiments and ROI analytics

There's still so much we can do! If only we had someone whose time could be dedicated to the challenge...

A new type of recruiter

Over the coming weeks, I'm thrilled to be transitioning out of my previous work in the Readify consulting pool, and into our People team.

We've created a new position, "Technical Talent Scout", which was specifically named to not give an inordinate focus on the practice of recruiting. This role is equally about hiring as it is about building our capability to hire, through systems and processes.

In this role, I'll have the opportunity to properly tackle some of the things I've been pondering and plugging away at in my own time.


Readify is about people. The number 1 reason cited by Readifarians for loving this place is the people. More than just individual people though, I believe we are about community. We have always been passionate advocates, influencers, presenters and leaders within local and international .NET developer communities. You'll see us at tech conferences and user groups around the nation.
(You might have spotted us at NDCSydney'16 ;))

By far the greatest staff benefit of being a Readifarian is having direct access to some of the smartest minds in the industry, supported by our approach of uncommon transparency and collaboration in everything we do. Our internal community drives our hiring processes. We write our own job descriptions. We run technical interviews. We play with cool tech, and spend time together.

Recruiting Brand

We're always pondering how we can give more value to the community, and are currently brainstorming how we can provide more consistent input and leadership back into user groups and conferences. Part of my new role is around building community relationships. This is not a completely selfless investment - clearly, visibility in the community gets our brand out there (both from a recruiting and sales perspective), and helps the best talent come to us rather than us hunting them down. I don't want us to be those recruiters cold-calling you just to hit a commission target. I want us to be discoverers of new tech; masterers of technique and application; prominent influencers and leaders. Above anything else, I want to promote our brand as a transparent, people-focused, supportive, inclusive, diverse and flexible place to work.

A brand like that can't help but attract the best people.