Cheap Homemade Powerade

06 February 2016Matt Hilton

I just got home from a long run on quite a warm day, and felt that tell-tale headache setting in. Dehydration. I hadn't drunk nearly enough water throughout the day (especially in light of pizza and beer last night!) and was about to pay the price.

Solution: Powerade!!!

It's so expensive though, at around $5 a pop. Plus full of colours and crap you don't really need. So I made my own.

What's in a sports drink?

In essence, all sports drinks provide is hydration (water), replenishment (electrolytes), and energy (sugar). Plus a nice bit of flavour to make them guzzle-able.

Water - tick. Sugar - tick. Electrolytes? That's actually just a fancy way of saying "dissolved salt". I have salt in the pantry* - tick! Flavour? Choose your favourite fruit and blitz or juice it in.

I did mine with 4 strawberries (tops cut off) and a few ice cubes, and it was delicious. The beauty of this approach is there's no rando-pseudo-ingredients, it's all plain, simple stuff, and you can keep the sweetness under control.

The recipe

  • 500ml water
  • 2tsp white sugar
  • 1tsp table salt
  • small amount of fruit/fresh juice
  • ice (optional)

If you're using fruit pieces/ice, whack it all in a blender and blitz for 20 seconds. You might want to strain first depending on your preference.
If you're just using juice (eg lemon/lime), just mix all together and shake until dissolved.

Simples! Enjoy :)

* Technically, "salt" when talking electrolytes refers to a category of molecule, not just table salt. Most retail sports drinks have Sodium Chloride (table salt), plus some Magnesium- and Potassium-based salts. But for what we need at a non-pro level, table salt will do the trick.
** Also good for hangovers. Drink responsibly ;)