Disabling Java Updater in Windows 10

03 February 2016Matt Hilton

Aaaargh... I just infected my shiny new Surface Pro 4 with spyware known as the Java Runtime Environment. It was required to run the wonderful FreeMind. (Worth it... just.)

The thing I hate most about Java, apart from its inherent shit-ness and ugly UI, is the incessant "We've got an update available!" nags.

To my dismay, even though I'd gone into Control Panel and disabled auto-updates (so I thought), I still got a nag today. Whaaaaat!?

Investigating further, even though I could Apply and OK turning off the updater, every time I reloaded the Control Panel it was back to Enabled again.

Turn it off

There's a bug in the Java Control Panel app. It actually silently fails a permissions check if you just start it via Control Panel or the Start Menu. To fix:

Start > Configure Java > Right-click menu > Run as Administrator

Then make the changes one last time... Voila! It sticks :)